Lessons From a 8-Figure YouTube Ads Media Buyer

Whats happening. It’s Matteo. I want to start something new. Because with so much noise and bad information with ads, it’s often hard to know who to listen to or learn from. Which is exactly why im starting this new interview video series. The goal with these interviews is to cut through the noise… and […]

Where to Find and Hire Great Media Buyers

Fellow ad people. It’s Matteo. The title says it all. But let me be clear on how this post works and the key points: 1. I will be releasing a video on this topic very soon on my new Youtube channel 2. Mediabuyer.com fixes all of these problems and will allow you to find and […]

Digital Media Buying: What It Is and How to Get Started

Media buyers have the essential role of procuring ad space on advertising platforms, which makes them vital to any multimedia marketing campaign. In fact, these stats show how digital advertising is growing: SMEs can make $3 for every $1.6 of digital ad spend 2020 saw 34% of consumers discover products on social media Paid social […]

Freelance Media Buyer – How to Hire, When to Fire

Look for media buyers who have qualifications and experience, and you can often find good ones on job aggregator sites like Indeed, Monster, and Careerbuilder. However, if the media buyer has performance-related issues or a lack of rapport with media vendors, it’s time to let them go and find a new one. Media buyers are […]