How Does It Work & FAQs

How does Mediabuyer.com work and why use it over other hiring marketplaces?

Mediabuyer.com gives you everything you need to find, hire, and manage incredible media buyers for your online business, backed by a RESULTS based guarantee – you only pay us if they perform.

How fast can I hire from Mediabuyer.com and will it take tons of screening?

Get hand matched with vetted media buyers within 24 hours. Finding a media buyer is quick and typically takes 1-4 days to hire.

How is the talent at Mediabuyer.com different from traditional agencies and ad buyers?

Look, this isn’t really anything new, but media buyers are disturbingly abundant nowadays. In fact, it’s tougher than ever to find the best and right fit who can also deliver. Mediabuyer.com was built differently – every media buyer is strictly vetted for a track record of producing high level results. And if they don’t perform, you do not pay!

Why is Mediabuyer.com better than other solutions on the market?

At Mediabuyer.com, we believe in delivering superior media buyers with proven results. In short, Mediabuyer.com is the world’s first platform to hire veteran media buyers with vetted results.

We suggest you try our “competitors” and their media buyers head-to-head with ours. Unlike our competitors, we offer a 90-day satisfaction guarantee per hire because we know our vetted  media buyers produce superior ROIs. 

We are certain you will not only see better media buyers, but also better customer support, an easier-to-use platform, and more specialized features just for media buying.

Full FAQs

Mediabuyer.com offers a new way to hire vetted, high-level media buyers.

Simply put, every media buyer at Mediabuyer.com is strictly vetted by us – each having a proven track record of results with paid ads. Media buyers are a dime-a-dozen these days, which makes it tougher to find the best one at scale who can also perform…

Which is exactly why Mediabuyer.com was built. Our community is aiming to build the most transparent marketplace that gives you everything you need to find, hire, and work with high-powered media buyers. Everything backed by verifiable results.

If you are a business owner, simply get in touch with our team to clarify exactly what you are looking for. You will be invited to sign up and hire if we determine we can help you.

If you are a media buyer with proven results, you can fill in this short application to apply to join the MB network.

Current beta members receive extra benefits and full access to all MB tools and the community, as a special thanks for supporting the Mediabuyer.com mission.

Traffic Sources: We currently have vetted media buyers specialized in online ads (paid social). Including Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, TikTok ads, Linkedin ads, Display/Native ads, and nearly any kind of online ads. Each with proven experience managing 5, 6, and 7-figure MONTHLY ad spends.

Niche/Industries: For online based businesses including e-commerce, info agency, consulting, coaching, SaaS/apps, lead-gen, and many online niches.

Engagement Level: You can get matched with vetted media buyers looking for full-time, part-time, and freelance work opportunities. Note that our full-time talent pool is currently smaller than part-time and contract talent pool, as they get hired the quickest.

As many as you want! Whether you need one media buyer or multiple, we have flexible pricing options available.

Keep in mind in most cases there is a hiring fee PER media buyer you hire. As well as a 90-day guarantee per hire.

Mediabuyer.com Beta is currently invite-only. We are only taking on clients with working ads and funnels, spending at least $10,000 /month on ads.

If you are an expert in this field – whether a veteran media buyer, high level agency owner, brand owner, or a large ad spender with keen interest in online media buying – then the MB community wants you.

Our goal at Mediabuyer.com is to unite the brightest, most passionate media buying minds and largest ad spenders of this space. Ultimately, to build more transparency and transform ads into a force for good.

The Mediabuyer.com Network is composed of high-level media buyers who are all rigorously screened for a proven track record.

We particularly look for full-stack individuals with significant expertise and experience, who are most passionate and have drive – the types of people we genuinely want to work with ourselves!

Below is the Mediabuyer.com screening process:

  1. Depth qualification and background check
  2. Results-based track record verification
  3. Reference checks
  4. Communication video interview

When accepted, each media buyer is then expected to maintain a perfect track record.

Mediabuyer.com LITE is our new marketplace platform built for smaller agencies, businesses and rising-star media buyers. You sign up to LITE for a flat monthly fee without the $10,000 monthly minimum ad spend requirement.

Join the LITE beta here

What is the difference between MB LITE and VIP?

MB VIP has pre-vetted media buyers only and has more benefits. MB LITE has unverified media buyers and fewer benefits, but still have access to all MB tools and community. They are priced accordingly.

If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your hire at any point, simply email us at support@mediabuyer.com or your dedicated rep and we will work to help resolve it.

We offer an zero-questions-asked refund guarantee for the first 90 days PER media buyer you hire. Why?

#1. We don’t believe in keeping your money if you are not happy with your hire. We build our business by delivering superior media buyers and ROIs. If you do not scale your ads with them, you do not pay. Period.

#2. We are extremely confident in the results our media buyers deliver. Once you see results with them we know you will love Mediabuyer.com and you will not want to hire ad buyers from anywhere else.

(This is really the core problem we are solving – we only make money and win when you do ❤️)

Who is using this?

What Others Are Saying

“If you’re an established business and just want to find the best of the best  then Mediabuyer.com is definitely the solution.”

Max Perzon

MaxPerzon.com & HomeService.co

I’ve been looking for something like this for YEARS. Mediabuyer.com is a MUST have for any business hiring for their ads.”

Sam Sauter

Financial Services, Private Wealth Management

“A great help in finding top-level talent. Always responsive and put forward exceptional candidates. I would highly recommend Mediabuyer.com to anyone looking for a top paid ads partner.”

Dave Rotheroe

Grip Advertising (Former Media Buyer for Frank Kern)

Work with proven media buyers.

Start matching with high-powered media buyers for your digital business.

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