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Attn: only accepting media buyers managing 5-6-7 figure MONTHLY ad spendS
Who It’s For is for proven media buyers with track records of producing high-level results with paid ads. We only accept media buyers who are true experts at their craft, who manage at least 5 and 6 figure MONTHLY ad spendsWe help these media buyers to find work at amazing companies that match their requirements. It is also a networking group for high-level media buyers who share these values.

If you a veteran with paid ads, a dedicated individual who can clearly back up your results, and have a keen interest in building a better and more transparent future in ads – then the MB network wants you.’s mission is to attract only the smartest, most experienced and talented media buyers in this space.

Facebook ads, Google Ads, YouTube ads, TikTok ads, LinkedIn ads, AKA paid social ads.

Full-Time, Part-Time and Freelance work

E-commerce, info, coaching and consulting, high-ticket, lead-gen, SaaS/apps, and nearly any online niche.


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Find work through is a new platform for freelancers, agencies, online businessed, and full-time and part-time media buyers to find work at amazing companies. We are in Beta and excited for you to take part!

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