3-2-1: On Creative Testing, a Strategy for Conferences, and When Ads Become Easy

Volume 2 - April 18, 2024

Volume 3 | MAY 1, 2024

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And now, here are 3 insights, 2 perspectives, and 1 question for you this week:



“Spend some of your own money on ads. The psychological impact of potentially losing your own money if you don’t do things correctly teaches you the weight of what it means to run ads.” -Rory M

Source: YouTube


“So this is something I’ve been doing for a long time, going back about 15 years at least. If you have a brand that goes to conferences and tradeshows, set up your Meta Ads (you can do this with Google too, and others that allow it) to advertise in the 5 mile radius of the show address.

Only run the ads 2-3 days before the show, and 2-3 days after the show (and of course during the show). You will hit all the early birds setting up booths and those that stay after.” -Jason B

Source: Skool (read the full post)


“If you don’t have leads and conversions, optimize initially for CPC. Then CPMs tend to decrease after the first 48 hours you launch a campaign, so be cautious of drawing strong conclusions too soon, especially right now with the crazy CPMs”
-Antonio C​

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HYROS founder Alex Becker offers a hardcore perspective on ads being the easy part:

“Ads are the easy part. You shouldn’t be struggling with ads, it should be the easiest part of the entire business. If your ads don’t work, it’s probably because your funnels are unoptimized, the offer is not something people want to buy, the copy is terrible, etc… that’s why the ads don’t work. Once you have these things, it’s really easy to plug ads in.”

Source: IRON YT ads program


Simon F shares how his approach on creative testing has changed over the past 12 months:

“Old approach – Have a dedicated testing campaign, find winners, graduate the winners into scaling campaigns. The logic being that you only feed your scaling campaigns with winning allowing for more certainty.

Current approach – Test new creative in main campaigns and trust the process and that the algorithm will test the creative, and it will run if it has potential, and not if it doesn’t.”

Source: Skool (read the full post)


A question on the topic of creative testing from Simon F:

“What’s your current creative testing process?”

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