Like Upwork, But Only For Media Buyers

A better marketplace and community for media buying. One place for media buyers and businesses to connect, collaborate, and scale together.

Welcome to the Media Buying Town Square — Collaborate and Scale With A Results-Driven Community.

We aim to build the #1 media buying community where media buyers and business owners share everything that is working, their best tactics, and scale collaboratively. All based on ACTUAL experience and results — fame and social media do not matter here.

Mediabuyer.com LITE is, in short, a networking group for serious ad buyers and media buyers who want to scale their ads. It is also a marketplace specializing in paid ads, where great businesses can hire media buyers and great media buyers can find exciting opportunities.

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What is the Difference Between Mediabuyer.com LITE and VERIFIED?

Mediabuyer.com VERIFIED has pre-vetted media buyers only, dedicated support, and has more benefits. LITE has unverified media buyers, but still have access to all resources and community. They are priced accordingly.

Since LITE does not pre-vet media buyers, we cannot guarantee results. Businesses are expected to screen and do proper due diligence. You will still receive our standard support. See more details about Mediabuyer.com VERIFIED on our home page here.

Who Is Mediabuyer.com LITE For?

LITE is not for beginners
If you are an expert in your field, whether that be in e-commerce, info education, SaaS, consulting, coaching, and online business, or just a dedicated individual with a keen interest in media buying and paid advertising – then Mediabuyer.com wants you.

You must be spending at least at least $1,000-$10,000 per month on ad platforms like Meta, Google, YouTube, TikTok… AKA digital paid advertising and in an online niche.

Got questions? Contact our team via email – help@mediabuyer.com.


What People Are Saying​

“Mediabuyer.com has been fantastic to use and had the best media buyers out of about 5 platforms/ job boards that I’ve tried. It was just so much easier.”

Blaze Tripp
Constant Supply, Fashion E-commerce Builder

Blaze Tripp

Constant Supply, Fashion E-commerce Builder

I’ve been looking for something like this for YEARS. Mediabuyer.com is a MUST have for any business hiring for their ads.”

Sam Sauter
Financial Services, Private Wealth Management

Sam Sauter

Financial Services, Private Wealth Management

“Mediabuyer.com made the process of finding an A-Player media buyer for our business a total breeze. It saved us a huge amount of time and headache!”

Jonatan Snellman

Multiple 7 Figure Brand Owner

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