Advice from the Top 1% of Media Buyers

Hey everyone… Matteo coming in HOT…

I sat down with some of the very best media buyers BASED ON RESULTS and asked them about their biggest lessons and advice

from how to scale, how to master media buying, and more…

literally the type of mastermind-level value that ‘you’d have to pay for’

but I must preface…

these are media buyers who are ACTUALLY working the dials in the back rooms of 7, 8, and 9 figure companies

Fame, social media and “guru status” do not matter…

Simply the best minds in the industry sharing what they are doing from actual experience

Just straight lessons on what is working to scale major brands and small business alike

Here are the top 10 lessons:


“Learn to operate off of data and not emotion. In fact, the best media buyers are excrutiantinly data driven. We tend to want to make decisions intuitively based on emotions or what we “want” to work, based on feelings.”


“Particularly with paid social, he who has the most creatives is going to win.”


“Simplicity scales, complexity fails. Whenever you try to do more – e.g. more split tests, more offers, more campaigns, more creatives – it usually makes it harder to scale. One of the easiest things to do to scale is just cut back on the waste and always try to simplify.”


“Spend your own money on ads because you need to understand what’s on the line. If it’s always somebody else’s money, it doesn’t have the same stress level or psychological impact as you spending your own money and possibly losing your money if you don’t do things the right way.”


“There is a common pitfall of over-optimization. Prioritize the overall performance of the entire account or business rather than micro-managing all the KPIs for individual campaigns or ads. For example, it’s not about Google Ads hitting a 3x ROAS while Meta Ads is at 1.5x – it’s about the overall business being at the ROAS you want. By trying to get everything within KPI, you end up over-optimizing and hurting scale. This means you may turn off ads that are performing well but are outside of KPI, without realizing the entire account was within KPI.”


“Media Buying all comes down to how can you grow top line revenue or increase bottom line profit. Don’t forget or overcomplicate this. Rather than focus on the “ninja hacks” and all the ad platforms and optimizations you make in the platform, turn your focus on business because media buying and business is more about numbers and math and creativity ”


“Start media buying with your own money. ”


“Media buying is basically a game of removing bottlenecks. Some bottlenecks are doing to be within the ad account while others are going to be bottlnecks outside of the ad account. You have to be able to distinguish between the two.”


“Scale slowly if you can because if try you scale fast, both operationally and ads wise, things can break quickly. Slow is steady, steady is fast, as Jeff Bezos says.”


“This probably goes against unconventional wisdom, but the best way to scale is just double your budgets and keep doing so if things are working. If it does not work, then drop it back down 50% and that’s your new baseline. And then when you get it to work at that, then you double it again. Algorithms like Facebook can handle that type of scale.”

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